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Our Story...

In 1962, my father visited Grand Turk and fell in love with not only the island, but one very special woman, my mother.  After a life of love, marriage, family and globe-trotting, they eventually came back to settle in Grand Turk.

Even in retirement my father could not sit still, so he bought this property to renovate into short term rentals. 17 years ago, Island House was born!  It didn’t take long for me to follow.  It was either, the grey skies of London or the magnificent blues of Grand Turk (a no brainer!), so my husband and I moved down to help with the set up and running of Island House.

Both parents have now passed away but what they started carries on today. I live onsite, so I will be on hand to help with anything or give recommendations on where to go and what to do. I can arrange car or golf car rental, pick up from airport and show you where everything is.

Donna Brooker, Owner

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