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Diving & Snorkeling 

Voted some of the best diving in the world, Grand Turk is definitely a place you want to get wet!!  

Our famous "Wall" is just off shore and home to schools of beautiful tropical fish, corals and sea life.  You don' tneed to be a certified diver to enjoy our reefs, though.  There are many magnificant shallow reefs for snorkelers too!
Grand Turk has four, professional, full-service tour operators that offer scuba, snorkelling, whale watching tours, island-hopping tours and equipment rental.

Blue Water Divers:
Oasis Divers:

Grand Turk Diving Co. Ltd:
Crystal Seas Adventures:


Historical Tours

Originally founded by settlers from Bermuda as a site for salt production in 1681, Cockburn Town on Grand Turk has been the official capital of the country since 1766.   The Salt House and original prison are two good sites for any history buff.

The Turks and Caicos National Museum on Front Street houses many fascinating displays. Notable amongst its exhibits are thousand year-old Lucayan artifacts and the extensive Molasses Reef Wreck collection, where remains from the oldest European shipwreck excavated in the Western Hemisphere can be seen.

Another famous landmark on Grand Turk is the country's only lighthouse, finished in 1852. This structure was prefabricated in England and was set up to burn whale oil for light. It was eventually converted to kerosene, and finally, electricity in 1971. The lighthouse is no longer operational, although tours of the surrounding grounds are offered.

Whale Watching

Witness the great migration for yourself!  

Each winter (January-April) the majestic Humpback whales migrate through the warm waters of Grand Turk to give birth to their offspring.  

Each dive/tour company has thier own "Whale Whisperer" who has their own unique way of finding the whales.  All are knowledgeable, with many years of experience.  


Gibbs Cay Adventure

The Gibbs Cay Adventure is one of the most popular tours Grand Turk has to offer.   
On the boat ride over to Gibbs Cay, you stop to free-dive for conch, where your guide will show you how to "crack" the conch and make conch salad.  For the daring, try the conch worm...the island boys say it's a natural aphrodesiac! 
As you pull into the beach, you will see the Southern Stingrays start to glide in.  They are used to the boats coming in and are very friendly.  As you wade and snorkel in the shallow waters, you get to see and feel these graceful creatures.  They are very smooth...sort of feel like wet mushrooms. 


Fishing Tours

Being surrounded by water and reef, gives you ample oppurtunities to fish.  There are both commerical and smaller, local fishing tours available.  


If you prefer to fish on a smaller scale, the night fishing in North Creek is another option.  

Every year in June, Grand Turk hosts the Grand Turk Fishing Tournament that draws thousands of people...and BIG prizes.  There is live music, auction and activites down at Governor's beach while we all wait for the boats to come in with the catch!

Island Hopping

Grand Turk is surrounded by islands and cays just a short boat ride away.  Island hopping to surrounding islands is a great way to take in the beautful nature and learn about the Turks & Caicos Islands. 

Salt Cay is a sleepy little town of about 70 residents.  Rich in historical culture, many visit Salt Cay to learn more about the early salt industry in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  There is also magificent beaches, snorkelling and diving.  If you do get to Salt Cay, don't miss the "swimming hole".  Its a little inlet of ruins that is the perfect, shallow swimming spot suitable for all levels.  Its a truly relazing experience.


If island hopping is something you're interested in, any of the dive/tour companies have expert staff that can show you a great day.


Last, but certainly not least is the most important activity of all - chilling out and relaxing.  Let's face it, it's exactly why you came to visit our beautiful little island of Grand Turk.

We are surrounded by pristine beaches and the most beautifully calm, turquoise seas.  The best part is that no matter which beach you choose, you will most likely be one of the only ones there.

Whether you're on your private terrace, by the pool at Island House, or having a nice rum punch at one of the beach bars, you will feel completely relaxed and at home. 


Sit down, unplug and breathe.....


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